Numbers of the Day & Weekly What’s That

From our friends at OK Policy Institute:

Numbers of the Day

· 27.3% – Percentage of mothers of infants and toddlers in Oklahoma reporting less than optimal mental health.

· 82% – Share of Oklahoma state legislators who are non-Hispanic white, compared to 67% of Oklahoma’s population that is non-Hispanic white.

· -82% – Change in new multifamily housing permits issued in Oklahoma in Q4 2018 compared to the previous year.

· 9th – Oklahoma’s rank for least equitable state tax system in the nation.

· $2,496 – Average amount less of per pupil funding that high-poverty, nonwhite students receive in Oklahoma compared to high-poverty white students.

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Weekly What’s That

Emergency clause, what’s that?

The emergency clause is a provision included as part of a bill in the Oklahoma Legislature that allows it to become effective immediately upon the signature of the Governor or at a specified date. Emergency clauses require two-thirds approval by both houses and are voted on separately and subsequently to the vote in favor or against a measure. Click here to read more about the emergency clause.

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Chart of the Week


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