Housing Makes Waves in 2020 Elections

The various 2020 presidential election campaigns are underway, with an unprecedented 22 notable candidates. Most recently, former Vice President Joe Biden formally announced his candidacy this past week. As presidential hopefuls kick off their campaign trails and make their case to voters, housing is becoming a stump speech staple:

  • Former HUD Secretary Julián Castro, who routinely promotes the importance of affordable housing on the campaign trail, commented on the newfound relevance of housing policy. At his April 11 CNN townhall, Castro said “I bet you that if we went through the debate transcripts of the last 40 or 50 years…we wouldn’t see one question that was about housing…I think we need a lot more.”
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) addressed housing at length during her appearance at the She The People candidate forum on April 24. She advocated for robust federal investment into the construction of new affordable housing, arguing, “There’s just not housing available for middle-class families, for working families, for the working poor…The way we’re gonna change it is we’re gonna put real money in from the federal government to build new housing units.”
  • An April 23 New York Times article details how candidates are now treating renters as a political bloc, recognizing that the high cost of rent is a key motivating issue for cost-burdened individuals.

Housing solutions should be a central focus of every presidential candidate’s campaign. Learn more about work to elevate housing in the 2020 election in this blog post.

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