2020 Election Roundup: Booker Releases Housing Platform

Enterprise is committed to elevating the issue of affordable housing in the 2020 presidential election. Capitol Express will continue to highlight the issue, reporting on candidates who focus on the need for affordable housing in their campaign stops and speeches.

  • Cory Booker: Last Wednesday, Senator Booker released his plan to provide affordable housing for all Americans. The platform is based on legislation Booker introduced last year, S.3342, and offers a robust set of affordable housing proposals. Booker’s plan includes a refundable renter’s tax credit to cover the shortfall between 30 percent of household income and rent, capped by the fair market rent. The proposal would also fund the construction of new affordable housing for low-income renters, encourage zoning reforms that would ease restrictions on the production of affordable housing, reinstate the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, expand Fair Housing Act protections to include source of income, and make investments toward legal aid for tenants facing eviction, rural and Indian housing, and homelessness programs. The proposal also aims to reduce obstacles to homeownership by implementing a “Baby Bonds” program, a federally-funded savings account for every American child.
  • Bernie Sanders:On May 29 at a rally in Reno, Nevada, Senator Sanders emphasized the need to dramatically increase the supply of affordable housing. He linked the issue to infrastructure, saying “When I talk about infrastructure, I’ll tell you what else I’m talking about: the need to build millions of new units of affordable housing.” As President, Sanders says he would invest billions of dollars into the production of new affordable housing to ensure that renters everywhere could afford their homes and avoid displacement. (Reno Gazette Journal, May 29).

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