CDFA 2018 Annual Volume Cap Report

"Every year since 2005, the Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA) has collected
and analyzed national volume cap data as reported by managing state agencies. The CDFA
Volume Cap Report represents a vital service to the development finance industry and
CDFA members, as this information is critical to understanding and evaluating the
efficiencies, effectiveness, costs, and benefits of private activity bonds. The results of our
2018 research are contained in the following report.
To compile the data, CDFA surveyed and interviewed representatives from each state’s
volume cap allocating and issuing authorities. The data represents the best available
figures as reported by each state to CDFA.

As a leader in the development finance industry, CDFA serves as the principal source for
private activity bond volume cap data, reporting, and trends. Through CDFA’s online
National Volume Cap Map, comprehensive volume cap data can be found online at Users can search, sort, and compare data from all 50 states and the District
of Columbia looking back to 2005." -CDFA

Attached is the 2018 Annual Volume Cap Report

CDFA 2018 Volume Cap Report.pdf

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