Legislative Update

We expect the Governor to make a decision on HB2760, which would reduce the Oklahoma Affordable Housing Act by half, tomorrow or Monday.

We are asking everyone to make one more round of calls (405-521-2342 Press 0 to leave a message with the intern) and send another email.

Great news! SB1713 dealing with Aesthetic Design has passed the House today and will be sent to the Governor. This is something we’ve been tracking and supporting for two sessions now.

Also, if you were tracking SB1322 which would increase the railroad tax credit AND have a negative $4.6M budget impact this fiscal year, that bill passed the Senate last night and has also been sent to the Governor.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we try to work quickly through these important legislative issues.

Please continue to follow our blog, Twitter, and Facebook for up to date information.

Please take a moment this afternoon before the weekend begins and make another call regarding HB2760! Let’s finish strong!

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