HOME Final Utility Allowance Policy

The HOME Utility Allowance (UA) policy for all RENTAL commitments made on or after August 23, 2013 can be downloaded from the OHFA website:

OHFA HOME Final Utility Allowance Policy per 2013 Final Rule

When submitting the UA to OHFA, please have a cover sheet summarizing the information.

Sample UA Cover Sheet to submit to OHFA

Summary information needed:

  1. HOME contract #
  2. UA method used (Provider Estimate, HUSM etc.)
  3. Unit size and Address (if multiple addresses / single family homes)
  4. Total $ of UA

OHFA needs this due to some homes on the same contract being different (i.e. electric resistance vs. electric heat pump). OHFA does not know this information and may end up calculating a higher UA.

The due date for all UA’s, applicable to this policy, will be July 31, 2020. OHFA will accept an email as on time if sent on or before 7-31-2020 with the hard copy postmarked by or before 7-31-2020.

Remember if these documents are more than 15 pages, please snail mail. Any contracts that are late will receive a finding, so if you are not clear, please contact OHFA.

Please mail documents to:

OHFA / HOME Compliance
100 NW 63rd, Suite 200
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Any questions should be directed to:

Sheri.pritchard 405-419-8132

Syleste.johnson 405-419-8280

Sandra.mcgougan 405-419-8271

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