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From OHFA:

The purpose of this message is to inform all owners and management that on-going desk top file reviews will be continued for the remainder of the 2020 year. This may eventually become our new normal but we are not yet prepared to make that a final statement. If you are not already aware of this desk top review process, you may be involved in some manner of this process soon.

If a site is scheduled to be inspected in 2020, a Housing Development Compliance Specialist will be making contact to request information such as the site’s Utility Allowance methodology, Unit Data Sheets, Rent Roll, etc. to be submitted via a secure Sharefile link. The specialist will review the information submitted and then request specific files to be submitted. Requests will be made for documents such as rental applications, income certifications, lease etc. We would ultimately like to see a 48 hour turn around since tenant files should already be in full compliance. If for some reason you are unable to meet the requests being made, please inform the Compliance Specialist as to the reason why. They will try to accommodate your request as best they can but will not allow time for documents to be obtained.

Due to the lack of IRS guidance or suspension of inspections, site staff is beginning to schedule on-site inspections effective Monday June 8 and will try to be as sensitive as possible to resident’s concerns and or requests. The staff will be walking all vacant units to count toward the required number of units to inspect and will then add in occupied after.

Should you have any concerns or questions, please address them to staff below:

Senna.franklin 405-419-8120

Christina.nittler 405-419-8272

Sheri.pritchard 405-419-8132 405-419-8131

Syleste.johnson 405-419-8280

Amy.coy 405-419-8145

Sandra.mcgougan 405-419-8271

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