OHFA NEW PROCESS: Annual LIHTC Payment and Reports

LIHTC Payment and Report Information


This message is to serve as a reminder of the following annual items due to the OHFA LIHTC Compliance Department.

Please note OHFA’s new reporting process.

Annual Owner Certification (AOC)

Non-profit Addendum to Annual Owner Certification

This certification must be signed with a wet or digital signature and submitted to OHFA virtually via Sharefile with the Unit Data Sheets attached. This report is to be uploaded to OHFA LIHTC via OHFA’s secure portal.

if the site reporting was funded out of the non-profit set-side, the non-profit entity must complete the Non-profit Addendum.

These items are due February 15, 2021

Quarterly Report

Quarterly reports may be sent via email or to the OHFA LIHTC Sharefile portal link.

*Certification On-Line (COL) The unsigned COL Annual Report and all Tenant Certifications must be submitted electronically: Due February 15, 2021

*Please note if you need a printed copy of the AOC or Unit Data Sheets you must print BEFORE you submit.

If any of the above items are received late, a 10 business-day grace period will be granted prior to allocating negative points.

Per OHFA’s Chapter 36 rules, if a due date for submission of documents or fees falls on a weekend or a designated Federal holiday, the due date becomes the next business day.


Monitoring Fees

All Tax Credit invoices were emailed November 30. Please contact an OHFA staff member if you have not received your invoice.

Payments are due January 28, 2021 Please remit payment to:

LIHTC Compliance
PO Box 26720
Oklahoma City, OK 73126


Should you have any questions contacts are:

Senna.franklin 405-419-8120

Bethany.rogers 405-419-8131

Christina.nittler 405-419-8272

Sheri.pritchard 405-419-8132

Syleste.johnson 405-419-8280

Sandra.mcgougan 405-419-8271



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Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency


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