Last Chance to Sign onto the Section 4 Letter

Deadline Today: Sign Letter Urging Congress to Provide $50 million for Section 4 in FY22
Please join national, state and local organizations in urging Congress to provide funding of at least $50 million for the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Section 4 Capacity Building and Affordable Housing Program for FY22, as well as an additional $40 million in any future economic recovery legislation.

Section 4 strengthens the nation’s lower-income rural and urban communities by bolstering nonprofit community developers who build and invest there. This critical program enables local nonprofit organizations to develop affordable housing, finance small businesses, revitalize commercial corridors, and help address local healthcare, childcare, education, and safety needs. Section 4 has also provided disaster relief by helping local community development organizations rebuild homes and community facilities, as well as assisting small businesses.

Non-profit Section 4 grantees are facing increasing demand for services despite decreasing financial resources amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Plussing up funding for the critical program to $50 million in FY22 and including an additional $40 million in any future economic relief bill would help these community-based organizations stabilize their operations and meet the growing affordable housing and community development needs of the people they serve.

The Section 4 organizational sign-on letter will close at the end of the day. Please sign on now to voice your support for the Section 4 program.

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