Data Needed: Housing Guide for Accessible and Affordable Housing Rental Units in Oklahoma

Does your organization own or manage accessible affordable rental units? If so, the Metropolitan Fair Housing Council of Oklahoma would like to know!

Please share the property name, the number of units, bedrooms, rent, and contact information. If feasible, please include if the unit is mobility and/or sensory accessible.

The Metropolitan Fair Housing Council of Oklahoma, Inc. and partners are gathering the information to create an Oklahoma Guide to Accessible and Affordable Housing. The Guide will be available online and shared with disability advocates and disabled persons who want to rent.

If feasible, please submit the information by April 30th or as soon as you can. Information is always accepted.

Mary Daniels Dulan

Executive Director

Metropolitan Fair Housing Council of Oklahoma, Inc

312 NE 28th St., Suite 112

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

405-232-3247 ext 101

Thank you in advance for your support and assistance.

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