Will More Homeless Encampment Closures Follow Echo Park Lake?

Recently, Los Angeles public officials sent police to shut down one of the city’s largest homeless encampments, Echo Park Lake, after complaints from nearby housed residents. The decision went against Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance that says governments shouldn’t disperse encampments, which helps limit the spread of COVID-19. In addition, city workers offered encampment residents free hotel rooms under Project Roomkey, prioritizing them over others who may be more vulnerable to the virus. Benjamin Oreskes, a Los Angeles Times reporter, said many displaced Echo Park Lake residents went back to the street, and he worries this could set a precedent for other cities. “We know what works. We know that getting people off the streets has to do with getting them into housing. And more resources being brought to the situation is the first place to start,” said Oreskes.

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