OCAH Legislative Update

This is the final month of the legislative session. Much focus is on the budget negotiations. At this point, legislators will most likely be meeting right up until sine die on May 28th.

Two bills on our radar were recently signed by the Governor:

HB2367 Children; permitting certain child to enter into housing contracts; effective date.
5/10/2021 H Approved by Governor 05/10/2021. HB2367 creates a new law stipulating that a child sixteen years of age or older may enter into contracts to obtain housing if they receive a certification of unaccompanied status. The certification shall show that the child is homeless or a victim of domestic violence or abuse.
SB200 Landlord and tenant; authorizing early termination of tenancy under certain circumstances; prohibiting certain provisions in rental agreement. Effective date.
5/4/2021 S Approved by Governor 05/04/2021. SB200 authorizes a victim of domestic violence to terminate a lease without penalty by providing a written notice and a protective order within 30 days of the incident to his/her landlord.

The measure also prohibits any landlord from denying renewal of or terminating a lease because the applicant/tenant is a victim or alleged victim of domestic violence.

Other bills that we were monitoring have also been approved by the Governor:

  • HB2506 which reduces the timeframe for condemnation from 18 months to 6 months.
  • SB277 which permits municipal governments to collect and confidentially story certain property ownership and contact information.
  • SB838 which creates the Oklahoma Public Safety Protection District Act.

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