Update on the City of Tulsa’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The City of Tulsa’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) is still accepting applications for emergency rental and utility assistance. The City of Tulsa, Tulsa County and the state of Oklahoma have all paired with Restore Hope to provide relief to you and your tenants. The application can be made online at: http://erap.restorehope.org. You can also check the status of a pending application online.

If you are currently waiting on an ERAP payment, here are some important updates:

  • Before payment is issued, Restore Hope confirms the amount due. The sooner Restore Hope receives a response to requests for copies of a ledger and pledge agreements, the sooner they will be able to issue the payment to you.
  • A W-9 is required for payment, which can be uploaded at erap for assistance.
  • Signing up for Direct Deposit gets your payment to you securely and quickly once your tenant has been approved. All ACH payments (and checks) will include the tenant’s name so you can be sure which tenant household’s approved application has been paid.

If you have more questions, concerns, or would like to update any information regarding tenants, ownership documentation, etc. please contact

  • Kristin Maun, Housing Coordinator, kmaun
  • Alisa Dougless, ERAP Manager, adougless
  • Restore Hope ERAP, erap

Landlords and property managers participating in the City of Tulsa’s Gold Star Landlord Program will receive prioritized processing of applications to the City of Tulsa’s ERAP. For more information on the City of Tulsa’s Gold Star Landlord Program, please visit http://www.cityoftulsa.org/landlords for more information.

COT-Gold Star Landlord Flyer.pdf

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