New FHFA leadership announced

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) made three changes to its leadership team on Monday, elevating three agency veterans to higher posts as the agency continues to reshuffle following the removal of its former director, Mark Calabria, in late June.

Naa Awaa Tagoe, formerly the agency’s principal associate director of the Office of Capital Policy, was selected to serve as Acting Deputy of the Division of Housing Mission and Goals, the role Sandra Thompson vacated to take over as Acting FHFA Director upon Calabria’s removal. Former Senior Associate FHFA Director Daniel E. Coates was selected to serve as Senior Advisor to Acting Director Thompson. Former Director of Stakeholder Relations at FHFA’s Office of Congressional Affairs Danielle Walton will join Coates in the director’s office as Thompson’s Acting Chief of Staff. Coates and Walton will likely serve in their roles only temporarily pending Thompson’s replacement with President Biden’s pick to lead FHFA.

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