OK Senate Interim Studies

Senate President Pro Tempore Treat announced approval of 71 interim study requests. Of the 71 studies, one has a housing component:

IS-2021-54 Housing and Jobs for formerly incarcerated and justice involved

This Interim Study was requested by Matthews.

CLICK HERE to view a list of all Senate approved interim studies for 2021.

The House received requests for 135 interim studies. The approved studies will be announced by July 23rd. We are currently tracking:

21-025 Property Rights Gann, Tom

21-029 Oklahoma Residential Landlord Tenant Act Bush, Carol

21-070 Landlord-Tenant Act Bennett, Forrest

21-106 ADA Compliance in Oklahoma Bell, Merelyn

21-121 Fences Lowe, Dick

21-133 The Effects of Oklahoma Statewide Housing Evictions Pittman, Ajay

CLICK HERE to view a list of all requested House interim studies for 2021.

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