Eviction Prevention

Turning the tide on evictions: Using federal aid, support to reduce Oklahoma’s eviction crisis: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently extended its eviction moratorium until the end of July, giving renters and governments another month to organize efforts to prevent mass displacement after the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts have warned for months of an eviction wave coming when the moratorium lifts and millions of renters owe a combined billions in back rent. Eviction has devastating effects on a family’s long-term well-being, and a wave of family displacements would be a serious threat to public health. Fortunately, rent assistance funds from federal COVID-19 relief bills are still available, and this will be the most important tool in preventing displacement and making landlords financially whole going forward. Combined with the Advance Child Tax Credit that will send cash directly to families with children starting in July, the financial supports put into place in recent months may help Oklahoma avoid an eviction wave in the short term, and building upon them could help turn the housing crisis tide over the long term. [Ryan Gentzler
/ OK Policy

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Policy Matters: The human costs of eviction: In coldly analytical terms, an eviction is the expulsion from a residence when a housing contract has expired or otherwise been terminated. However, evictions come with very real human costs. They are life-changing events with often catastrophic consequences for families today and years in the future. Even before the pandemic, Oklahoma’s two largest metropolitan areas were among the nation’s top 20 for eviction rates. The pandemic made this bad situation worse. By mid-May, more than 1 in 3 Oklahomans lived in households facing likely eviction or foreclosure during the previous nine months. [Ahniwake Rose / Policy Matters]

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