New Treasury Data Show June Uptick in ERA Spending as Eviction Moratorium Expiration Looms

The Department of Treasury on July 22 released updated emergency rental assistance spending data, revealing an uptick in spending in June. By the end of June, grantees had paid out a total of $3 billion of the $25 billion allocation appropriated by the December 2020 “Consolidated Appropriations Act” (ERA1), almost doubling the amount paid out by the end of May. Despite the increased pace of distribution, only 12% of the allocation had been paid out as of June 30, just a month before the CDC eviction moratorium is set to expire. Further, while several states and localities are ramping up their fund distribution, many more remain stagnant. Only five states distributed more than 20% of their funds, and only 10% of localities distributed more than 50%.

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