Tulsa Landlord Tenant Resource Center Offers Resources for Landlords at the Social Services Hub

Housing Solutions’ Landlord Tenant Resource Center is excited to share information about the newly formed Social Services Hub currently in place for the next 90 days at Iron Gate, 501 W. Archer Street, Tulsa, OK 74103. The Hub provides resources for both landlords and tenants who are experiencing financial hardship or struggling with other issues related to housing. The Hub is open Monday through Thursday from 1pm to 4pm.

Landlords are welcome at the Hub to connect with resources! Restore Hope is on-site and available to answer questions about the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) and updates about any pending applications for assistance. Private rooms are available for landlords who would like to schedule an in-person mediation with a tenant through the Early Settlement Mediation Program. And if you are not represented by an attorney and have questions about the reinstatement of the CDC eviction moratorium, the Tulsa County Bar Association is available to help landlords connect with legal services through their Lawyer Referral Program. Legal advice and services are only available for landlords who are not currently represented by an attorney. If you have an attorney, you should follow the advice of your attorney before accessing any services from the Hub.

You can also find more information about the Housing Solutions’ Landlord Tenant Resource Center at: http://www.tulsaltrc.org.

Social Services Hub Advertisement.pdf
Social Services Hub Flyer Translated.pdf

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