Tulsa: Vista Shadow Mountain Tenants Still in Need of New Homes

The Housing Solutions’ Landlord Tenant Resource Center is continuing to help the tenants displaced from Vista Shadow Mountain to connect with resources and is seeking the help of landlords in identifying available rental properties. All the tenants have been safely moved from Vista Shadow Mountain, but about 60 households are continuing to live in transitional housing while the Housing Navigators identify safe, long-term rental housing for them.

Housing Navigators are especially seeking one-bedroom apartments that will accept Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, but we need to identify units citywide so any vacant properties would be helpful to our search. Housing Solutions is also able to provide financial assistance for the tenants with application fees and deposits.

If you have any available rental properties that could help house the Vista Shadow Mountain tenants, please complete this survey: https://forms.office.com/r/JAqgamDGGj.

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