Tulsa: On-Site Emergency Rental Assistance Stations for City of Tulsa Landlords

With the end of the CDC Moratorium, access to Emergency Rental Assistance is more critical than ever. The Landlord Tenant Resource Center is now offering a new resource!

In addition to the Landlord Tenant Resource Center’s Social Services Hub currently operating Monday-Thurs 1-4pm at Iron Gate, the Landlord Tenant Resource Center is now offering ON-SITE emergency rental assistance application stations for landlords. At these stations, your tenants can come get help completing an emergency rental assistance application, upload required documents, ask questions about a pending application, and receive tenant rights/responsibilities information. If you are struggling to communicate with a tenant about the need for emergency rental assistance, or about the possibility of filing an eviction, they are also happy to help you arrange a free mediation session.

The Landlord Tenant Resource Center offers standing times Mondays-Thursdays from 9am-11am for scheduling stations. Landlords participating in the City of Tulsa Gold Star Landlord Program will be given priority/preference when scheduling stations. While these time slots are not ideal for working tenants, but they are limited in the hours they can offer due to other services being offered at the Social Services Hub. If you need an evening or weekend station for your tenants, they will do their best to accommodate you, but it isn’t a guarantee that we will be able to schedule an after-hours event.

The Landlord Tenant Resource will need a designated location to conduct your station. This can be at your location (if you are a multi-family unit) or at a centralized location (if you have scattered site units). The Landlord Tenant Resource is able to fully function out of our mobile unit and will not require space or resources from you as the hosting landlord beyond a standard size parking space for our van. However, if you do have inside space available (i.e. in your front office or leasing office, we would be happy to operate in a more comfortable space for your tenants.

If you are interested in hosting an emergency rental assistance station for your tenants, please complete the Form per the link below. The Landlord Tenant Resource Center looks forward to helping you get paid what you’re owed, while keeping Tulsans safe and stably housed.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Landlord Tenant Resource Center at LTRC.

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