Tailoring Housing Needs For Older Adults Raising Children

The costs of raising children for older adults can be overwhelming in a housing market that lacks affordable and accessible options. With roughly 2.7 million children being raised in multigenerational grandfamilies, affordable housing communities tailored to their needs are crucial. Many age-restricted communities don’t allow children, threatening older caregivers with eviction if they won’t move. Other caregivers must make difficult choices, like draining their retirement savings, skipping medical care, or refinancing their homes. Several grandfamily housing projects have launched across the US, and policymakers are pushing for increased protections and flexibility for multigenerational families to have secure, affordable housing. The stability and sense of community these programs offer can be a lifeline for many older Americans. “There was a world of weight taken off my shoulders,” said Jackie Lynn, a grandfamily housing community resident.

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