Tampa Eviction Program Connects At-Risk Tenants To Resources

Due to longstanding structural inequities, Black and Latinx households are twice as likely as white households to be behind on rent and twice as likely to report they’re at risk of eviction. The north Tampa region is home to some 10,500 people, 3 in 4 of whom are Latinx or Black, and nearly 9 in 10 homes in the region are rental properties. The Eviction Defense Project, a University Area Community Development Corporation program, provides information in English and Spanish about renters’ rights and financial aid. It performs a critical role in connecting these communities to the services they need. “We are in the middle of a housing market where there is not enough inventory, so we want as many families as we can to be able to stay in the properties,” said Sarah Combs, director of the University Area Community Development Corporation.

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