Advocacy Alert

Members of the Oklahoma Coalition for Affordable Housing, it is that critical time when we need you to reach out directly to Senators and Members of Congress in support of our LIHTC agenda in the reconciliation package. Decisions on the size of the package and what will be included are being made by the White House and House and Senate Leadership. We need our advocates on the Hill to go directly to Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer and ask that as much of the LIHTC provisions passed by the House Ways and Means Committee as possible be included in the reconciliation package.

The top priorities include the 50% increase in the 9% LIHTC allocation and a reduction of the bond financing threshold from 50% to 25%. We know that the proposed target of $3.5 trillion for the package is being trimmed down to between $1.5 – $2 trillion so a lot of cutting is being negotiated. We also know we have strong support for the LIHTC within the leadership but there is stiff competition for resources in the package, so this outreach is imperative to the success of the LIHTC proposals.

Please email or call your Senator or Congressman requesting they advocate on behalf of the LIHTC.

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