OHFA Clarification – LIHTC Pet Rent

Earlier this week, OHFA sent a message regarding pet rent in LIHTC properties. To clarify, a landlord can never charge a pet deposit for a service or support animal. It’s the law and OHFA has no authority to change that.

OHFA’s Pet Rent Policy

The OHFA LIHTC Compliance staff has elected to uphold the recent manual change of pet rent not being allowed in excess of the maximum rent, effective January 1, 2022.

This decision is due to the amount of unallowable fees being covertly charged. Examples include $100 administrative fee, $20 global fee, $30 area maintenance fee. Pet rent is becoming a hot topic in many states.

Though having a pet is optional, households that have a pet are not likely to get rid of them. Charging a monthly fee is taking advantage of the already struggling low-income families.

Please remember, owners may charge a pet deposit as long as it is refundable.

Pet deposits can never be charged for service or support animals.

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