Restore Hope Continuing to Distribute Emergency Rental Assistance to Landlords

Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) funds continue to be available through Restore Hope! Applications can be made online at:

Restore Hope has already distributed over $27 million in rental assistance payments! Over 3,000 landlords have received rental assistance payments to help nearly 6,000 tenant households remain stably housed. Qualifying households can receive up to 12 months of back rent and up to 3 months of future rent for 15 months of total assistance.

If a tenant needs assistance making a rental assistance application, the Housing Solutions’ Landlord Tenant Resource Center (LTRC) is available to provide assistance at Iron Gate on Monday through Thursday, from 1pm to 4pm. LTRC has also offered to work with landlords to set up application stations at a centralized location for tenants to receive assistance applying for emergency rental assistance. To request an application station, please complete this form:

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