Tulsa: Rental Assistance Applications Accepted by Community CARES Partners

Although the application portal has closed, Restore Hope is continuing to process all applications to the Emergency Rental Assistance Program that were received before the deadline. For tenants who need to make new applications for emergency rental assistance, Community Cares Partners is accepting applications. 

Tenants in the City of Tulsa and Tulsa County may be eligible for assistance from Community Cares Partners. Attached are toolkits to provide more information for landlords and tenants on how to help tenants access emergency rental assistance from Community Cares Partners. Tenants can also apply online at: https://okccp.org/

Two important notes for tenants who have applied to Restore Hope and are thinking about submitting a rental assistance application to Community Cares Partners: 

  • If a tenant has applied and received rental assistance from Restore Hope, they would need to submit a new application with Community Cares Partners for additional assistance.  
  • If a tenant has a pending application with Restore Hope, the tenant should wait to receive a response from Restore Hope before applying to Community CARES Partners. Submitted a second application to Community Cares Partners will result in duplication – it won’t help them get assistance any faster, it will actually make things take longer.

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