17 February, 2022 13:06

A report published by Housing Policy Debate, “Quantifying Doubled-Up Homelessness: Presenting a New Measure Using U.S. Census Microdata,” proposes a refined measure to estimate the number of individuals experiencing homelessness who double-up with friends or family. The authors estimate that 3.7 million individuals in the U.S. are experiencing doubled-up homelessness. These individuals are not included in HUD’s definition of homelessness, because they are not in shelters or transitional housing or sleeping in places not meant for habitation and sleeping. White individuals were least likely and American Indians and Black individuals most likely to be experiencing doubled-up homelessness. Individuals with more educational attainment than a high-school degree were less likely than those with a high-school degree or less to be experiencing doubled-up homelessness.

Read more of this article here

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