Radon Report Card Evaluates Radon Policies and Risks of Radon-Induced Lung Cancer in States

The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) created a Radon Report Card providing state-by-state data on estimated radon-caused lung cancer risks as well as policies introduced by states to reduce the risks associated with radon exposure. Such policies include regulations concerning radon professionals (e.g., prohibitions of radon-related work by untrained and uncredentialed personnel), regulations requiring adherence to the Environment Protection Agency’s (EPA) current radon standards, and codes concerning the installation of radon systems in new homes. To indicate the extent of radon-related burden in buildings in every state, the Radon Report Card also records the percentages of radon tests with results above the EPA’s action level of four picocuries (pCi/L) for each state. AARST hopes the Radon Report Card will help expand and improve efforts to eliminate radon from houses, schools, and other buildings.

Read the Radon Report Card at: https://aarst.org/report-card

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