NLIHC Releases New Report on Fact-Specific Proxy Implementation in ERA Programs

NLIHC released a new report, Implementing Fact-Specific Proxy in ERA Programs: Key Considerations and Lessons Learned, on February 17. The report examines the use of fact-specific proxies in U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury) Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) programs. Fact-specific proxies reduce documentation barriers to ERA by allowing programs to infer an applicant’s income using facts such as the median income of the applicant’s census tract. Instead of being required to provide documentation proving their income, applicants meeting proxy eligibility criteria need only to self-attest to their household income. Focusing on nine programs that utilize fact-specific proxies, the report discusses federal guidelines regarding fact-specific proxies, considerations for implementing them, the impacts of fact-specific proxies on program progress, and lessons that can be learned from recent implementation efforts.

Read more of this article here

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