Don’t forget – our annual Affordable Housing Day at the State Capitol is coming up this Thursday March 31, 2022! For more information or to register: CLICK HERE.

Here are the current bills we are tracking:

HB3409 Bush(R) and Pugh(R)

Permits tenants to make repairs for things that materially affect

health as long as the costs are equal to or less than their monthly

rent. Repair costs may be deducted from rent.

Position: Neutral

Status: Passed the House. Received in Senate.

SB1168 Rosino(R) and Kannady(R)

Limits contingencies in contracts to 180 days for securing permits,

lot changes, zoning changes or any other necessary approvals

related to the use of the property.

Position: Oppose. 180 days is not a sufficient length of time.

Status: Passed the Senate. Received in the House.

SB1685 Thompson(R) and Hilbert(R)

Decouples the $1 for $1 match on state and federal LIHTC


Position: Support.

Status: Passed the Senate. Received in the House.

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