White House Announces Clean Energy Opportunities to Tackle Climate Change

On April 20, the White House announced new partnerships and initiatives designed to increase access to cost-saving clean energy resources and tackle climate change. These cost-saving clean energy resources, also known as Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), include rooftop solar, battery storage heat pumps, and electric vehicles. The resources would not only cut costs for consumers, but improve public health, cut greenhouse emissions, and strengthen the nation’s energy security by reducing the country’s dependence on natural gas and oil.

Under this effort, HUD is updating guidance to allow residents of HUD-subsidized housing to better access cost-saving community solar subscriptions through the “Solar for All” initiative. The initiative aims to bring the benefits of solar energy to 100,000 LMI families in the Washington, DC. HUD has determined that the “Solar for All” initiative’s community-net-metering credits will be excluded from renter household income and utility allowance calculations, and, accordingly, will not increase housing costs for residents in properties participating in HUD Multifamily rental assistance programs. Additionally, HUD is reviewing guidance to allow public housing authorities to more easily enter into power purchase agreements for low-cost clean energy.

Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to ensure residents of HUD-assisted Multifamily housing benefit from solar energy without increasing their costs. These announcements will also advance the administration’s Justice40 initiative objectives, which aim to target 40 percent of the benefits from certain federal investments—such as those for clean energy—to underserved communities.

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