Support the 2021 Economic Impact Report of the OK Affordable Housing Act- Sponsorship Opportunities…

The 2021 Economic Impact Report is finished and will be released to the Oklahoma Coalition for Affordable Housing (OCAH) members and community at large early next week. Every year the Coalition retains the services of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce: Research and Economic Analysis Division to conduct an assessment on the economic impact of the Oklahoma Affordable Housing Act. Each year we ask those who received awards as well as the Board of Directors and our member organizations to sponsor the study to help defray the costs. Revenue received for this report will help defray the costs.

Please consider contributing to support this critical piece of advocacy that supports the Coalition’s mission. This report has a long shelf-life of a year and is utilized for the Coalition’s advocacy efforts, distributed to Oklahoma Legislators and more. For more information and to review sponsorship opportunities, click here!

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