Research Highlights Promising Effects of Using Hotels as Noncongregate Shelters during Pandemic

A new study published in Housing Policy Debate, Hotels as Noncongregate Emergency Shelters: An Analysis of Investments in Hotels as Emergency Shelter in King County, Washington During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” details outcomes for individuals experiencing homelessness who resided in noncongregate hotels during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The study uses research conducted in King County, WA, and compares outcomes across three groups: (1) people staying in noncongregate (group) hotels; (2) people staying in emergency shelters with enhanced services like unrestricted access to facilities and case management; and (3) people staying in emergency shelters with basic services. The study finds that those who stayed in noncongregate hotels experienced lower exposure to COVID-19, increased residential stability, greater engagement with staff, and improvements in health and well-being.

Read more of this article here

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