Research Finds Source-of-Income Laws Increase Upwardly Mobile Moves for Existing Voucher Holders

New research from the NYU Furman Center and NYU Wagner School examines how source-of-income (SOI) protections impact where Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) holders live. The paper, “Advancing Choice in the Housing Choice Voucher Program: Source of Income Protections and Locational Outcomes,” compares outcomes in the three years preceding and three years following SOI law passage for both new voucher holders and existing voucher holders who moved. The paper finds that after SOI protections were enacted, existing voucher holders moved to neighborhoods with lower shares of poverty and lower shares of voucher holders. Existing voucher holders were also more likely to move to neighborhoods with higher shares of white residents. Because most voucher holders in the sample were Black or Latino, the authors suggest such moves may reduce racial segregation.

Read more of this article here

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