Legislative Updates

Congress Returns from Recess–Sprint to the Mid-Terms

This week Congress returns from August recess with a busy schedule in the month ahead in anticipation of the end of Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 on September 30. As we have reported previously, the House passed a package of six appropriations bills for FY23 on July 20, and the Senate Appropriations Committee released the chairman’s mark for all 12 FY23 appropriations bills on August 1. However, lawmakers are far from reaching a bipartisan agreement needed to pass an appropriations omnibus for the year ahead. Instead, we expect Congress to pass a continuing resolution to continue government funding at FY22 levels from October 1 until sometime after the November elections. Post-election, we expect the Appropriations Committees to use the lame duck period to attempt to reach an agreement on overall funding levels and final bills, which may also open the door for a year-end tax package.

ACTION is working with our House and Senate Housing Credit champions, as well as the Senate Finance Committee and House Ways and Means Committee, to advance our Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act priorities in the remaining months of this Congress. The best opportunity to do so would be if Congress were to attach a tax package to the final appropriations omnibus. A year-end omnibus has been a legislative vehicle in previous Congresses for enactment of Housing Credit provisions.

Whether Congress decides to move tax legislation in the lame duck session is still unknown. However, we must be ready to take advantage of this opportunity should it arise. To ensure the AHCIA is in the strongest position, ACTION is encouraging members to help us continue building bipartisan support for the House and Senate bills, especially in the next two months.

You can find the current list of cosponsors on the website under the aparks.

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