OK State Legislature Special Session Update

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The State Senate and House of Representatives went into special session last week to pass over $1 billion in federal pandemic relief funds that will fulfill a wide range of needs in Oklahoma, including a massive broadband infrastructure upgrade, water improvement projects, workforce development, medical services and several other projects.

As a result, here’s how the governor took action on legislation distributing the state’s remaining American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds:


· HB 1009XX (OETA)

· HB 1015XX (Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security – Regional Emergency Operations Center and Response Warehouse Project)

· SB 18XX (Oklahoma Arts Council)


· HB 1011XX (Broadband Office) – Click here to read more.

· HB 1012XX (Oklahoma State University Medical Authority various projects) – Click here to read more.

· HB 1013XX (Griffin Memorial Hospital and Tulsa Center for Behavioral Health)

· SB 3XX (University Hospital Authority various projects)

· SB 15XX (Oklahoma Military Department, various projects)

The rest are now law without signature. The legislature left the special session open through Oct. 14 and could come in next week to override the governor’s vetoes.

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