HOME Coalition Seeks Robust Funding for FY23

As the House and Senate return for the final legislative work period of the 117th Congress, one of the biggest outstanding items on the agenda will be to finalize appropriations for the duration of fiscal year 2023 (FY23), including for a number of programs that fall under the jurisdiction of the Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development (THUD) appropriations subcommittee. The federal government is currently operating under a continuing resolution passed on September 30 that provides funding through December 16, 2022.

On behalf of the HOME Coalition, today NCSHA contacted appropriators in both chambers to urge them to provide robust funding for the HOME Investment Partnerships program for the remainder of FY23. The letter expresses support for $2.5 billion for HOME but acknowledges appropriators are unlikely to be able to achieve that level and urges no less than $1.9 billion for the program, which is the amount requested in the President’s Budget Request for FY23. Under the continuing resolution, HOME is currently funded at FY22 levels, or $1.5 billion.

To date, the House has passed FY23 THUD legislation that would fund HOME at $1.675 billion, while the Senate Appropriations Committee has released, but has not acted upon, draft THUD legislation that would fund HOME at $1.725 billion. You can see more about the appropriations status for HOME and a number of other HUD and USDA programs using NCSHA’s budget table.

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