Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Committee is a standing committee of the Coalition.  Scott Nixon, with Sugar Creek Capital is the 2020 Chair and Andrea Frymire, with Midwest Housing Equity Group, is the 2020 Vice-Chair.

Per the Coalition By-Laws, Within State and Federal Election Guidelines, the Committee shall concern itself with reacting to proposals, monitoring and advancing reforms, plus promulgating rules, regulations and statutes that advance the members’ welfare and business conditions.

Please see the Coalition’s Position on the current bills being tracked.  The Coalition’s positions have been reviewed and approved by the Government Affairs Committee and the Board of Directors.

As you call or email your Representative and Senator to discuss these issues, supporting documentation on the need for affordable housing in Oklahoma, as well as the economic impact of our industry on the state is available.  Click Here for a copy of the 2019 Oklahoma Affordable Housing Economic Impact Study.  Please feel free to share our updated handout about the Oklahoma Affordable Housing Tax Credit.

If you are aware of any additional bills that we should be tracking or considering for action, please forward that information to the Coalition Manager, Andrea Flowers-Householter at