Oklahoma Coalition for Affordable Housing Event Policy re. Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, our new on-site event rules are clear and the expectation is as follows:

  • No Handshakes. We understand that other events “recommend” no handshakes, but we have decided to simply have a firm No Handshakes rule at the Annual Meeting. Yes, it may feel a bit strange at first and you will see No Handshakes signs around. However; our first priority is the health and wellness of our attendees.
  • Please be courteous to other attendees and keep a minimum of 3 feet apart.
  • We highly encourage you to wear a Facemask.
  • Wash, Wash, Wash. Please wash your hands before entering the event. Please wash your hands at every possible opportunity. Hand sanitizer will be provided, but washing your hands is preferred if possible.
  • Tables will be seated with 4 chairs instead of 8.
  • Lunch will be plated and served instead of buffet style

Thank you for your understanding and helping us ensure the safest, healthiest way to hold our events.  The OCAH Event Policy re. Covid-19 can and will be revised and updated periodically based on current best practices and information.

Please note that Important Health & Safety Rules will be periodically updated here, on the event registration website and via email.

Contact Andrea Flowers-Householter, Coalition Manager, at ocah@outlook.com should you have any questions.