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Immediate Action Needed for HB3499

7 Mar 2024 12:11 PM | Anonymous


HB3499 – This bill will add language requiring LIHTC properties only to conduct an individualized review of all criminal history records and the impact on the household’s suitability for admission.  It requires defined criminal history screening policies that state that applicants with felony convictions may only be denied housing if an individualized review shows that the safety of residents and the property.  This policy must include criteria for lookback periods, no blanket denials and procedures for individualized reviews.  May of our property management members have indicated that this bill is too subjective and may inadvertently lead to Fair Housing issues as it can not be consistently applied.  This has been scheduled on the House Floor Agenda. It can be heard anytime after 4:30pm on Thursday, March 7th, 2024.  If this affects your business, you should reach out to your Representative and Senator and voice any concerns today!

For those that are looking to take action, the best course is to have your staff contact every Representative by phone and/or email today.  It takes approximately one hour to call all 101 Representatives about thirty minutes to email all of them.  CLICK HERE for contact information for all the Representatives (listed under the HOUSE tab).  Some submitted talking points are available here.


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