Affordable Housing Matters to Me Because

…all citizens deserve to have a home that is livable and affordable.

…it is desperately needed in our fine state.  Safe, decent, affordable housing is something  that all Oklahoman’s deserve.  Preserving and adding resources to, our Low Income Housing Tax Credit(LIHTC) program is of the highest importance. Please support  legislation that preserves and expands these LIHTCs.  – Sammy E.

…the housing units serve the most vulnerable in society.

…the construction of new homes provides jobs.  Leann A.

…quality housing is a right of all people, and is the foundation of health and wellness for our citizens.  Lisa P.

…the great need for decent affordable housing in our area (66,879 units in OK by 2020).

…51% of households earn less than 60% of the median income.

…it allowed us to keep my grandmother out of assisted living facilities for several years.

…the Broken Bow Housing Authority is participating in affordable home ownership. The Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2017 will support 30 new rent to own homes.  HUD’s rental assistance demonstration is a possible vehicle for much needed rehab for 120 50 year old low income rental units.   Broken Bow Housing Authority

…it improves the quality of life for those most in need.

…it provides safe, secure, energy efficient homes for people to raise families.

…construction of affordable housing benefits local economies.

…the National Association of REALTORS(R) supports S.548 for affordable housing. Central OK Commercial Association for REALTORS(R)

..the National Association of REALTORS(R) supports H.R. 1661 for affordable housing.  Central Oklahoma Commercial Association of REALTORS(R)

…it saddens me to see children suffering because their parents can’t afford a place to live.

…before college I was below the poverty level and needed affordable, clean, safe housing  opportunities.

…it is a key component to supporting the employees of many of our major employers.  Quality housing is a right of all people, and is the foundation of health and wellness for our citizens. Lisa P.

…Volunteers of America Oklahoma provides 410 units of affordable housing to seniors in Oklahoma.  Please ensure this valuable service to seniors continues as they live out their life with dignity.  Pam R.

…every Oklahoman deserves a home that is affordable.

…it improves our community.  It is not only my job, but I live in an affordable home. It means the world to a single mom.

…it gives a roof over the heads of individuals and families who otherwise would not have a safe, comfortable living space.  These groups are at very high risk and are the foundation for communities to rebuild and build anew.

…stable, affordable housing helps families, increases high school graduation rates and improves health outcomes.  Andrea F.

…Oklahoma needs 66,879 housing units by 2020.

…we employed close to a dozen people when {working as a sub on} Autumn Creek Villas.  We must remember to include everyone when we talk about community.  Todd F.

…District 2 in Oklahoma needs 4,901 units of affordable housing by 2020.

…affordable housing stabilizes families and seniors.

…of the economic development of downtown & Bricktown, residents are being pushed out and need affordable housing for low and moderate income families.  Neal H.

…downtown OKC is pushing out low and moderate income families.  Joe R.

…a mixture of housing must exist to heave a high energy, viable city.  Service people must have housing.  Jack W.

…I see the lack of affordable housing as a result of redevelopment as a problem.  Bart B.

…Oklahoma needs over 66,879 housing units by 2020.  Your support is vital. makes possible the construction of middle income housing in rural areas that have not seen investment in their housing stock in many years or decades.

…there is an affordable housing crisis in the US and the housing credit is a proven resource to help provide quality affordable housing.

…having affordable decent safe and sanitary housing builds a sense of community, family and friendships.

…because it provides safe, stable residences for families and elderly households.

…we need to address the issue of the number of Oklahomans who can’t afford housing for themselves.

..there are too many people in Oklahoma who do not have the ability to house themselves and children properly.

…I believe funding affordable housing saves long term costs with other options of housing rather than shelters.  Beth E.

…I have family members who do not have the ability to find a home within their budget.

…as a fair housing advocate, I believe it is important that everyone has the opportunity to live in safe, equal, affordable housing.

…income shouldn’t be a barrier to your ability to acquire shelter.

…how can anyone focus on becoming a productive member of society or a contributor to the economy if he oer she doesn’t have his or her basic necessities (i.e. safe, affordable housing)?

…affordable housing drives economic development.

…lack of affordable housing creates higher situations of homelessness.

…many people have to pay over 30% of their income for poor quality housing.  Paula R.

…it is an essential building block of healthy households.  Darrell B.

…reducing financial burdens for renters is vital to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

…affordable housing also drives economic development.

…we provide financing for LIHTC projects.  It is amazing how these credits and programs (both federal and state) help provide much needed funding.  Janet L.

…it provides housing to the most at risk population in our neighborhoods.  Leann A.

…housing shouldn’t be treated as a luxury.

…the housing tax credit program has been a proven vehicle and solution for addressing the housing crisis.  The public/private partnership has financed nearly 3 Billion apartments to serve seniors, veterans, families with children and persons with disabilities.  We need your help and support! Lora M.

…every person should have a safe and decent home that they can afford.

…stable, decent, safe and affordable housing also acts as a catalyst to stabilize families, education and employment.

…elderly people get to continue to live in the neighborhood where they raise their family.  Leann A.

…affordable housing is a an essential element in successfully raising responsible, productive children.  Darrell B.

…housing is essential to the stability of households, and must be affordable so that individuals and families have enough money for other necessities.  Darrell B.

…it helped my family when I was young.  I now focus on helping others by developing new affordable housing.

…there are still many people without long term housing in OK.

…having an affordable place to live promotes employment and education.

…quality housing is a right of all people, and is the foundation of health and wellness for our citizens.

…the best way for a family to succeed is a safe and secure home. Greg S.

…as a co-owner of a mid size architectural firm, the low-income and historical tax credit programs provide consistent viability and good paying jobs for my team. With a reduction in credits, we could not keep 25+ employees.  Mike K.

…it supports jobs, generates income and generates $225.8M in tax revenue in Oklahoma’s 2nd District.  Nicole C.

…I live in work in a rural area of Oklahoma.  While metro areas have a high need for housing units, the rural areas of Oklahoma also have a high need that gets over-looked.  These affordable units offer safe housing for our workforce and families to occupy and grow.  Beth W.

…the Low Income Housing Tax Credit has been an excellent private/public partnership with a provide record. Greg S.

…it stimulates banks to reinvest in their local communities and gives them avenues to receive CRA credits.  Beth E.

…everyone deserves a roof over their head at night.  Affordable housing in urban and rural Oklahoma has allowed people to succeed in other areas of their lives without having to stress as much over rent/mortgages. Sarah K.

…keeping the homeless housed with supportive services is less costly to society and taxpayers than time in jail, the hospital and the street.

…everyone deserves a place to call home.

…it is a tremendous need in the state of Oklahoma.  Did you know that more than 100,000 households pay more than half of their monthly income on housing? This leaves very little room to pay for medical emergencies, transportation, and healthy food.  Please protect low income Oklahomans by supporting the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2017.  Nicole C.

…housing development provides vital infrastructure and economic development. Greg S.

…giving people an affordable place to live is the first step toward stability and self sufficiency.

…please support affordable housing legislation.  HB1661, HUD programs, McKinney Vento & the USICH.  Affordable housing and ending homelessness is good for our economy in Oklahoma! Greg S.

…our financing of projects with LIHTC helps provide homes for 1000s of people.  Please support positive legislation for these resources.  Janet L.

…it helps to grow Oklahoma’s economy.

…of the restricted supply of housing Oklahoma needs 66,879 housing units by 2020 to help this needed supply.  Mark B.

…clean, decent, affordable housing impacts our most vulnerable working families. Their health is literally impacted by where and how they live.  Their health impacts the health of their communities.

…housing shouldn’t be treated as a luxury.  Every person should have a safe and decent home that they can afford.  Stable, decent, safe and affordable housing also acts as a catalyst to stabilize families, education and employment.

…I am a REALTOR(R) and see daily the dream of families to own not just a home but an affordable HOME!

…lack of affordable housing drives homelessness.

…Oklahoma needs 60,000 units of housing by 2020.

…affordable housing drives economic development.

…Oklahoma currently needs 22,879 units of rental housing.

…40% of renters in Oklahoma are housing cost over-burdened.

…provides families a home they can be proud of.  The availability of affordable housing is not sufficient to meet the need.  We need to continue to build and develop affordable housing communities that provide desirable housing for lower income tenants.

…when kids have a stable home they do better in school. Paula R.

…we are a small bank that provides loans for LIHTC projects in Oklahoma.  These affordable homes will not be available without the LIHTC projects.  Janet L.

…it stimulates the economy by having private builders who build quality product, hire sub contractors and allows the renters to spend their extra funds in their local communities.  Beth E.

…please support the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2017, the HOME program and McKinney Vento homeless program.  Affordable housing and ending homelessness is very important to our state’s economy.  Greg S.